Peerless martial arts Free Download PC Game

Peerless martial arts Free Download PC Game

Peerless martial arts Download PC Game Full Version Free In Direct Link To Play. Just Download The Game, Extract And Run. No Need To Install.

Peerless martial arts Free Download PC Game
Peerless martial arts Free Download PC Game


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“Peerless Martial Arts” is an ancient martial arts theme Role-playing mobile online game. In the game, players can obtain powerful equipment and props through tasks, dungeons, and activities, so as to improve their combat effectiveness. Players can save the people of Li people from water and fire by catching thieves and pacifying the chaos; thus unifying the martial arts and restoring the prosperity of the rivers and lakes. “Peerless Martial Arts”, with colorful and characteristic gameplay, exquisite and delicate perfect pictures, perfectly restores the real martial arts world for players, thus cultivating players’ spirit of optimism, enterprising and teamwork. “Peerless Martial Arts” takes the late Southern Song Dynasty as the historical background, and fictionalizes a series of heroes and love and hatred. The game mainly tells the story of the late Southern Song Dynasty, when the imperial court was corrupt and incompetent, the country was troubled by internal and external troubles, and there were no leaders in the martial arts. The protagonist played by the player and his junior sister Xiang Er learn from the masters of the hidden world. After completing their studies, the protagonist is ordered by the teacher to go down the mountain and meet with the leader of the beggar gang Huang Gang and Elder Ma to discuss the martial arts conference to fight against foreign enemies.

At the meeting point, the protagonist and Xiang’er were repeatedly ambushed by the mysterious man. The protagonist covered Xiang’er all the way and dealt with the mysterious man. At this time, the two found that the Huang Gang leader was lying on the road, and the personnel were unknown. Then a mysterious man appeared and wounded the two. Seeing that the mysterious man raised his sword and pointed directly at Xiang’er, the protagonist’s qi and blood attacked his heart, and his skill increased greatly under the madness, and finally defeated the mysterious man. It’s just that the protagonist worked hard to transition and fell into a coma.
When the protagonist wakes up again, he has forgotten the past. A woman who calls herself Gongsun girl saved you and Xianger; Gongsun girl is the daughter of the valley owner of Wangyou Valley, she said that she saved you and Xianger at the same time; the protagonist subconscious There is a familiar feeling about Xiang’er, and I vaguely feel that she is a very familiar person.
The protagonist went to visit Xiang’er, but Xiang’er was already insane and could not provide any useful information to the protagonist. Miss Gongsun showed great sincerity to the protagonist, and even gave you a mount to show her goodwill; in order to restore the protagonist’s martial arts and memory as soon as possible, she hoped that you could stay in the valley for a period of time; the protagonist stayed in the valley of forgetfulness , Wangyougu generously invites experts to fight with you and help you recover your skills as soon as possible.
As the protagonist appeared in the rivers and lakes, rumors of the protagonist betraying his brother and being ungrateful gradually spread on the rivers and lakes; the people in the rivers and lakes also had a very bad attitude towards the protagonist, and even openly attacked him; the protagonist singled out a lot of masters along the way, and finally let him He found a person who knew the truth. This person was a disciple of the beggar gang. He accused the protagonist of betraying the beggar gang leader Huang, colluding with Wangyougu, and attacking the chivalrous beggar gang.
In order to find out the cause and effect and know who he was killed by, the protagonist took Xiang’er and decided to go to Xueling – the main altar of the Beggar Gang; the main altar of the Beggar Gang was heavily guarded, and everyone on the way showed that they were accusing the protagonist of betraying Huang. The gang leader colluded with Wangyougu; but the crazy Guo Xiang and the naive soul boy encouraged the protagonist along the way when others spoke ill of each other, believing that the protagonist was an upright and chivalrous hero; in the end, the protagonist finally reached the top of the snow mountain I saw Elder Ma, the current ruler of the beggar gang; but Xiang’er showed extreme anxiety and fear, and cried endlessly;
it turned out that the leader of Huang Gang, Elder Ma, and the protagonist were good brothers who had formed a righteous relationship together. Elder Ma told the protagonist that the protagonist was In order to please Miss Gongsun in Wangyougu, he deliberately betrayed the gang leader Huang. Elder Ma thought of his old love and could not bear to shoot at you, so he only sent the master of the villa to execute you; The protagonist fled all the way to Fenglin Wan, and witnessed Elder Ma instructing the master to get rid of himself at all costs. The protagonist finally understands that the reason why he lost his memory, Xiang’er is crazy, and the bamboo forest is in ambush is because of Elder Ma!
Because of worrying about Xiang’er and the pet, the protagonist hides his aura secretly, and decides to defeat Elder Ma’s masters one by one; in the end, you have a final battle with Elder Ma in the maple forest. In the panic, Xiang’er finally recovered her memory. Xiang’er, who recovered her memory, confirmed the protagonist’s guess, and Xiang’er also told the fact that the Huang Gang master was killed in the bamboo forest that day.
The protagonist obtained a letter from the master, and the letter recorded the news that the Huang Gang master was still alive, but was imprisoned in the Flame Palace. The protagonist then led the crowd to the Palace of Flames to meet and rescue Gang Master Huang.
The protagonist secretly swore: “…I must rescue the Huang Gang master, not only to clear everyone’s doubts about me, but also for the peace of the martial arts and the world!” A new round of open and secret fighting in the martial arts is quietly kicking off…

4. Playing a role
Players will play the role of a famous hero who is involved in the open and secret struggle of the beggar gang because of an accident. As a result, players wandered the rivers and lakes, made friends with martial arts heroes and green forest heroes, and met with many confidantes. After a series of conspiracies, betrayals, and hardships, players relied on their strong beliefs and will to calm the civil strife in the Central Plains and defeat foreign enemies. , Anbang Dingguo, unified martial arts.

Occupation Introduction
Zhenwu is
a high output occupation in melee combat, with quick and agile mobility and explosive power, and is the main output force in team battles. The Juggernaut is a frightening existence on the rivers and lakes. He has mastered the profound swordsmanship and can use his superb swordsmanship to cause fatal damage to the enemy! Once the sword is unsheathed, it is bound to wipe out all the enemies and bandits.
Zhenwu’s composure allows him to make accurate analysis at any time and deliver a fatal blow to the enemy. He is unsmiling and very strict with himself and others, but this strictness is based on his own martial arts and talent.
Jianghu Bai Xiaosheng was amazed at Zhenwu’s peerless martial arts, and he wrote an inscription for Zhenwu: three-foot green peaks, all around the world. The sword swings in the eight wilderness, and the group of demons is easy to change. Defensive melee

tank, with outstanding defensive capabilities, often attracting enemy firepower on the front line, providing a good and safe output environment for teammates. Relying on a pair of long swords and strong shields, Potian charged in the enemy line in iron armor. Even if he was severely injured, he would still not fall. He had the spirit of being brave and not afraid of death, which was an insurmountable barrier for the enemy. The bold and domineering temperament can easily make people misunderstand that this is a brave and reckless person. But how can a person without a plan survive in a chaotic world? He is always laughing, because he already has the victory in his chest. Jianghu Bai Xiaosheng personally sent an inscription to Potian: The mad knife drinks blood, and pulls mountains and rivers with strength. Iron walls and copper walls are invincible. 5. Game characters (1) Miss Gongsun Character introduction: The young master of Wangyougu has an old relationship with the one-armed hero. Although he lives in seclusion in the valley, he has the world in his heart. (2) Huang Gang Leader Role Introduction: The leader of the beggar gang, the number one gang in the world, is a female, but his martial arts skills are superb and he is a man of honor. People in all corners of the world admire him. (3) Disciple of Wangyou Valley Character introduction: This is a young chivalrous man who wandered around the world. Later, because he was not used to the martial arts disputes in Yanyu City, he lived in Wangyou Valley for a long time and practiced his magic skills. (4) Elder L

Character introduction:
The elder of the beggar gang is loyal and honest, with a slightly stubborn and rigid personality, but he is loyal to the gang leader and is the most prestigious elder in the beggar gang.

(5) Elder Ma
Role introduction: The
elder of the beggar gang is ambitious and has always been deliberately trying to win the position of the leader of the gang.

(6) Masked Man
Character introduction:
An unidentified mysterious man with a powerful organization behind him has been preventing the protagonist’s actions.

(7) The One-Armed Hero
Character introduction:
This is an orphan, and was later taken in by the dragon girl, and learned a martial art.
6. The main scenes of the game
(1) Peach Blossom Villa
Peach Blossom Villa is not planted with peach blossoms as rumored, but bamboo forests are everywhere, quiet and elegant. This is the first map players will encounter in the game. This scene has a wide field of vision, with only bamboo forest vegetation dotted on both sides, and a lotus pond on the other side, there is movement in stillness. Each area of ​​the bamboo forest is not designed with pockets, and is mainly designed for arranging monsters and level settings, suggesting that the protagonist will encounter a crisis when he comes to this area.
Wangyou Valley The background of Wangyou Valley is a group of worldly masters retreating into a deep valley. Although there are bleak maple forests here, they are no less beautiful than flowers and greenery. This is the second scene that the player encounters after entering the game.
(3) Misty Rain City
The City of Misty Rain is the third game scene experienced by players. Based on the Jiangnan Water Village, it creates a water-colored Jiangnan and a bridge of smoke and willows. In the corner of Yanyu City, there are lotus clear ponds on both sides, which is very quiet. In the corner of Misty Rain City, there are Yingge and Butterfly Dance, as well as grievances and grievances, but in times of crisis, NPCs will appear to help.
(4) Lingxiaofeng
Lingxiaofeng is the fourth scene that players can come into contact with. The white snow, the vast ancient roads, and the high ambitions are all here. Lingxiaofeng has a wide field of vision and provides players with enough range of activities. Players can freely choose their own gameplay and activities in Lingxiaofeng.



    • OS:Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • Processor:Intel Core-i3 or faster processor
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Network:Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage:2 GB available space

    • OS:Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • Processor:Intel Core-i7
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:750ti
    • Network:Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage:3 GB available space

How to Install Peerless martial arts

  • Download: Installer of the Game
  • Install: Then run the “.exe“ and start to install the game
  • Accept: The terms and conditions to continue the installation. Wait till complete installation
  • Play: The game and have fun!
  • Support: the web, that shares the game you enjoy truly!

Peerless martial arts Free Download

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